Fashion Centre at Pentagon City

Address: 1100 S Hayes St
Phone: (703) 415-2400
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  • Shannon Heath

    Yes, there is a shopping mall next to the Pentagon... lol... and its a nice one too!
  • Troy Gant

    Avoid the Starbucks. Line is forever long.
  • Jonathan Coffman

    Best food at the mall is Harry's Tap Room which features locally sourced ingredients. It beats the heck out of the normal mall fare.
  • Chris Barnes

    This mall is almost always flooded with tourists... by the busload...
  • Jessica Pugliese

    Go to Sephora. It's small, but everyone @ this location is really well-trained.
  • Spence Thompson

    If you're on a high school field trip of the nation's capital and they bring you to the mall, I weep for you. It doesn't count as a monument just because you're spending dead presidents.
  • Matt Dicker

    Avoid during spring break season. The tour groups of high school students are insufferable.
  • Jonathan Coffman

    One of the nicer malls in the area. It's also a perfect place to park on the weekends ($2 all day), then Metro into DC for sight seeing.
  • Mykel Mckenna

    If you work in the mall avoid the loading docs, it gross as shit and it smells like dead people.....
  • Embaixada EUA Brasil

    The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, also known as Pentagon City Mall, is an upscale shopping mall in Arlington, Virginia
  • chris phillips

    I love how there are always like 5 birds flying around the main atrium. What's that about? I bet the survive off food court scraps and best in the palm trees
  • Stephen Anfield

    Go get a Snickerdoodle cookie. So good.
  • Laura Howe

    They just added a crepe stand. Pricey but good.
  • Irene Subala

    Join Godiva's 'club' for free! Free piece of candy on the spot and every month there after.
  • David Brigman

    Stay away from "Maki of Japan" - their tempura is most dishonorable and disgusting.
  • "ReRe" Reshawna Leaven

    Always remember where you park. You can easily get lost and not remember. Take a picture of the level and entrance so you won't forget.
  • PrettyBoyElijah

    go to johnny rockets there food is to die for
  • Rafael Lemaitre

    Take me down to a Pentagon City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.
  • Tyrone H.

    The mall is not packed, but it closes at 6:00pm , so if you need to do a last minute buy and you're in the area, here is the place to be.
  • Danny Hicks-Zbornak

    Chipotle will be here soon!!!!!
  • Kristine Untalan

    Word to the wise: Go ANYWHERE BUT the food court bathrooms. Trust me on that one.
  • Stephen Anfield

    Don't forget to get your parking validated. In Macy's, it's in the HR department on the 3rd floor.
  • Steven Schwark

    This is the mall with Best Buy, Marshalls, etc., not the large Fashion Centre (regular mall) across the street.
  • Stephen Stroble

    The Apple Store and Game Stop both rank high on my family's fun meter as well as having thoroughly knowledgeable and professionally managed staffs!
  • Taylor Briggs

    LOVE THEM! They are all so nice! I am addicted to their juicy charms!
  • Brian Kear

    Try the new peppermint dazzler at Haagen Dazs!
  • Humberto Martinez

    They have a United Colors of Benetton here.
  • Alison D. ??

    Great mall but not many ways to get from floor to floor.
  • Johnny Kwak

    i hate taking the escalators here b/c i'm afraid of heights; stay to the right!
  • Sergej

    1. hungry, like burgers? Try Johnny Rockets. 2. If you are foreigner and have bought something (eg in Macy's) tell cashier U R not US citizen and you'll get tax back on receipt (=rebate)
  • Sony

    The Sony Store will be opening 12am on 11/15 for the PS4 release! If you pre-ordered in store, pick it up. Didn't pre-order? Get there early! There will be limited PS4 bundles for purchase!
  • M Kelley

    Go to Modern Nails for pedicures, manis and awnings. Great friendly staff.
  • Mariah Eisman

    The womens rooms in Nordstrom are really nice! There is one on every floor of the store and they even have a lounge area!!
  • Cesar Pazinatto

    um Shopping Santa Cruz bem melhorado.
  • Aisha Rasul

    So convenient that Metro takes you right to the mall entrance!
  • Mark K

    Worst. Mall. Ever.
  • Jacqueline Braxton

    Sales are always a good thing to be had for sure ... BATH BODY WORKS!!!
  • Jeung Hwa H

    Usually crawling with school kids from trips, watch out!
  • Michael Sicheri

    Halloween season
  • Kristin St. John

    Popular spot for bus tours, esp those with school kids. Avoid during rush hour in springtime - commuters trying to catch shuttles home and kids wandering can be an ugly mix.
  • Arija R

    Overly crowded all the time, but if you can catch it when it is not,it has a wonderful selection of stores for all types of consumers and the convenience of all the stores right outside of the mall (n
  • Thompson Hotels

    Five floors of heaven, according to our concierge Clay at Donovan House. He says to make sure to check out the eyebrow threading- its addictive!
  • Vivek Surti

    Huge mall with every store imaginable!
  • may c

    In Macy's say you are from out of state. Instant 10% off. You may have to produce an I'd, but not always.
  • Michael Bryant

    Skip Salad Creations. $11 for a bowl of lettuce. Fail.
  • Chris Barnes

    This is NOT the national mall you were looking for.
  • Giovanna Frange

    So many good stores and places to eat. Great mall.
  • Tiffany Branch Murillo

    Nothing really here. A few stores. Go across the street to the real mall.
  • Demetrius Mosby

    Vista Bath and Bodyworks and come see me
  • Yaira Resto

    Go to Bubbles Salon and ask for Carl, he's amazing!
  • john marshall

    love the place....
  • Myke Dorsey

    Free Wi-Fi!
  • Lisa Bailey

    not impressed
  • hly

    Cok buyuk bi avm. Icinde aradiginiz hemen her marka var. Gezebilmek icin tek sefer yetmez.
  • Shelby Highsmith

    Least stroller-friendly mall EVER. One slow tiny elevator for 4 levels.
  • Alyona Chuprygina

    Amazing mall with amazing shops and food! Love this place especially in the morning
  • Francesca Boyea

    The seating in the food court sucks! Not enough seats to handle the traffic and all banquet style, sitting w/ strangers, weird.
  • Janaynay

    Eating a barbacoa bowl at chipotle for lunch. There are plugs to charge your phone at the restrooms
  • Vania

    Phone cases at food court! Best deal only today! 30% off on second item, screen protector, charger, headphone!
  • Josh B

    It's a total madhouse!
  • Vania

    Case's Kiosk near Macy's 30% off only today!!
  • Autty Hill

    Great people and weirdo watching
  • Leslie Carbone

    The roasted fennel soup at the Ritz is delicious.
  • Ali Yousefian

    The worst mall in Virginia
  • Leetarvous Franklin

    Great shopping mall but the food court looks pretty sad. Not many food choice options @ all
  • MichaellovesErin Delpino

    Best BBQ in town at the mall!!!!!
  • Grace L.

    Great shops including GameStop and clothing mainly, lots of tourists and food court is big.
  • Erik Danns

    Great place to shop....nice atmosphere
  • OMAR Mukharesh

    Nice place indeed
  • Shea Hanita

    Cut through the mall to catch Metro! Saves you the hassle of driving into the city. You have to pay to park, but it's cheaper than DC
  • Josei ==> @ShoesNFood

    J. Royal Jewelers is the best for minor watch adjustments. She's fast & fair.
  • Amanda Allison

    Really great find! Stores like best buy, CVS, Marshall's and a Nordstrom rack. I had to buy some dress shoes and a nice white shirt last minute while traveling in DC, and this place was a gem.
  • Susie C.

    Tons of Asian tourists here all the time, mainly on weekends.
  • Red Chair Hair

    Beware of the parking pay stations inside. They can eat the tickets and it takes forever to get assistance!
  • Susie Rocca

    They just closed the gigantic forever 21 that was on the bottom floor...opening again "soon" but they don't give a date!! TRAGEDY!!!
  • Demetrius Mosby

    Stride Rite Buy one get one half off on everything
  • Camille Taylor

    Good service
  • Camille Taylor

    I'm here every day. That says a lot.
  • Dwayne Jones

    Park on Levels 2 or 4 that are close to the stairs bc Levels 1, 3, & 5 are too crowded.
  • Jackie Raftery

    Great souvenir booth. Haagen daz has the most delicious smoothies!! McDonalds has a terrible variety.
  • MDM Associates

    Getting Married (Divorced)? Let us design your event! #MDMAssociates
  • JMW

    It worries me that there are birds flying around the top floor. This is not an outdoor mall...
  • Chantal

    Tourist central
  • Lisa Wilcox

    The Chevy's Mexican Restaurant makes great Margaritas!
  • Sony Store

    If you're braving the Black Friday crowds, please stop by! We've got some killer Black Friday deals and we're opening at 5am on Fri. Check the link for the list of offers.
  • Bariscan Uktay

    The best place to buy rc helicopters . The best quality with lowest prices.
  • Frank Fuhrmeister

    Pro Tip: Weekend staff at Chipotle is way too lackadaisical for a 30-min. lunch break.
  • Naomi Oyadomari

    Great place for people watching!
  • Sony Store

    We've got the 84-inch 4K LED TV in store. Yes, really! Come check it out for yourself.
  • StayArlington

    By this point, you're probably as exhausted as the runners! Take a break at the mall to grab some food or get some souvenirs.
  • Guillermo Aguilera

    Went to radioshack and was able to upgrade to an Iphone. I never know radioshack had cell phone. at&t Verizon and sprint. And prepay phones like boost and virgin mobile. Awesome
  • StayArlington

    The Fashion Centre is always adding more stores, so check back to see the latest!
  • Susie C.

    Great place to people watch.
  • Linda Walters @lindasauce

    Steer clear of the Dead Sea cosmetics kiosks. They'll bombard you with compliments and questions, and before you know it you've purchased overpriced body scrub for 100$.
  • Kelsey Hayes

    It's packed with tourists, but you get a lot of great shops and a stocked food court. I'd avoid it on the weekends.
  • Her

    Being your sunglasses on sunny days
  • Khaled A

    Apple Computer at The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City
  • JB Faby

    Mall, lots of tourists (mostly school trips), but a good and clean mall overall. Parking price are decent considering it's the DC Area
  • Helena Nacinovic

    Sony Store makes the trip worth it.
  • Monika Johnson

    Go to nordstrom's cafe for lunch or dinner the food is always good and the service is always excelent
  • Hannah Zillmer

    Uhhhhh can I get some help please?
  • Carlos Gomez

    Food court doesnt have enough tables! U have to bump elbows with peeps u dont least make it a hottie!!
  • Luke Wilson

    Busy here today.
  • Gemal Brangman

    Too many teenagers and tourists acting retarded and as if they own the place even midday on a weekday. Great shops and food court though. Just use your elbows and don't expect a lot o common courtesy
  • Vivek Surti

    Great mall - all the stores you need!
  • Kyle Rapian

    The BBQ was pretty good
  • Hollis Cash

    Visit Brighton Collectibles-- very unique pieces in a pleasing boutique environment. Tell Robyn and Nancy that Hollis sent you! Awesome ladies! :-)
  • PJ Atkinson

    Great pre caps game food
  • tadeu reinoso

  • Raiyeesa Faizal

    Macys and forever 21- got some awesome stuff
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