Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)

Address: 2401 S Smith Blvd
Phone: (703) 417-8000
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  • Erick Erickson

    Fly in to DCA sitting on the left side of the plane and fly out sitting on the right. You'll have the best views for takeoff and landing.
  • Marc Kevin Hall

    Never call it Reagan or people will know your a tourist. It will always be National.
  • National Post

    Peter Worthington: At some point maybe now we have got to amend airport security and start profiling those likely to blow the damn plane up not patting down three-year-old children. Read more:
  • Lufthansa

    The Boeing 747-8 with its 76,3 meters is the world's longest airliner. It could transport 2 blue whales with a length of 33 meters each. The Boeing 747-8 flies Frankfurt-Washington daily
  • Andrew Reese

    Whenever possible, fly out of DCA instead of BWI or IAD... Mid day flight out = 4 mins to get through security. Most convenient, large city airport in the country!
  • Amanda Krut

    fly in at night. The view is terrific.
  • SkyMall

    If you have a decent layover, hop on the metro and take it to the National Mall and Smithsonian!
  • Pamela

    The airport lounges are hidden upstairs from security. Take elevators immediately on your right.
  • Jared Stewart

    You can see the Capital Building and Washington Monument while landing.
  • Presidential Libraries

    In 1998, DC's National Airport was renamed to honor the 40th President of the United States. The original idea came from Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform and the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project
  • corbett3000

    On the TSA body massages: get over it people.
  • Rob Pegoraro

    Call it "National Airport" or, if you're in a hurry, "DCA."
  • Mark Himmelsbach

    Try to grab a window seat flying in and out. Great views of DC, northern VA/Alexandria.
  • Matthew Hurst

    Go to Five Guys for fries if you're in gates 35-45 for the best deal on food. It's hiding in the back, behind Gordon Biersch
  • Eater

    Top Dining Options: Five Guys at Gates 35-45; California Tortilla at Gates 35-45; Mayorga Coffee, pre-security; Matsutake Sushi, pre-security; Potbelly Sandwich Shop at Gates 23-34.
  • DC After Five

    Sam Adams bar inside terminal A
  • Mickey Hawk

    Nice 'Power Up' stations at the gate for charging and using phones, laptops, etc.
  • Casey Phillips

    The most convenient airport ever. Usually quick security lines
  • Rafael Lemaitre

    Try getting on the airplanes. They go to other places.
  • NPR

    Welcome to DC! If you want to listen to the local NPR station, turn your dial to FM 88.5 (WAMU) or FM 90.9 (WETA). Enjoy your trip.
  • Ryan Dorman

    The absolute best view of DC is the southbound visual river approach. Hard to know if you'll be landing that way but keep and eye on the landing. lived here for several years and its still great
  • Kevin Kiger

    As president, Ronald Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers, yet Congress named the airport after him, then forced DC to pay to change all the signs in the Metro to add Ronald Reagan to the name
  • US National Archives

    Catching a flight to somewhere far away? While you're waiting for the plane to leave, take a look at this vintage 1970s photo from our Documerica collection.
  • C-SPAN

    On November 1, 2011, a 9 foot tall, bronze statue of President Reagan was unveiled at National Airport. Watch this video of Sculptor Chas Fagan discussing his work.
  • Michael Miller

    Never call it "Reagan." You'll sound like a tourist. It's "DCA" or "National"
  • Shauna Causey

    If you can fly in at sunset, it's pretty amazing to see the sun set over the Capital.
  • Daniel Matthews

    Security is really down to earth. Nice guys.
  • Kevin O'Neill

    Power up booths are helpful.
  • Jonathan Coffman

    Make sure you grab a window seat to take advantage of the fabulous views from DCA.
  • Sarah V

    NEVER go to Terminal A. It's wrong. It's just wrong. If you're here, you're wrong. In the words of the Wizard of Oz, I'd turn back now if I were you.
  • Paul Brugger

    Flying today? Tweet @FlightStatus with your flight number and get real-time flight updates via Twitter. Remember to "like" this tip :)
  • Amanda Foster

    Fly far; fly far far away!
  • David Armano

    Have cash handy for DC cabs.
  • Harry W

    Avoid Terminal A.
  • Evan Gassman

    Reagan was awesome.
  • Matt Topper

    You are not important enough to give your bags seats on the bus while people have to stand
  • Andy @4sqindy

    Former President Ronald Reagan is a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon and recipient of the North-American Interfraternity Conference's Gold Medal.
  • Phoenix Robles

    Avoid the Dunkin Donuts at all costs! The service is terrible. The order is always wrong. And they are always out of stock and under staffed *...
  • Andrew Wiseman

    Only tourists call it Reagan
  • Stephen Anfield

    Dare you to take a flight from here to Dulles.
  • Perry Ellis

    Business or Leisure Travel? Perry Ellis has you covered with stylish suits & dress shirts that travel well. Sport our comfortable, casual looks when you unwind. Work or play, travel with Perry Ellis!
  • David Black

    Have a safe trip!
  • Mike Andrews

    Do not clip your finger or toe nails in public.
  • Taxi Magic

    Skip the cab line with the Taxi Magic app. Schedule a pickup at Terminals B or C and wait for your cab at the outer road at passenger pickup. You can watch your driver arriving.
  • Chris Smith

    I love DCA. Will never again use IAD unless I have to. So much more convenient. Take the metro!
  • Taylor Howard

    best airport in the country. rarely delays, short lines at security, tons of destinations, and the best views of any airport!
  • Kendra Johnson

    long wait for your bags ALWAYS
  • Dan Leveille

    The only thing worse than the free wifi at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is Ronald Reagan's acting career.
  • Rob Willington

    Call someone you love and remind them how awesome they are.
  • David Armano

    Boingo wifi spotty at best.
  • Alexis Moch

    Come for your flight, stay for the complimentary TSA massage or photography package.
  • Gahlord Dewald

    Travel safe!
  • James Hervey

    if you didn't check bags have people pick you up upstairs. much less congested.
  • Dale Chumbley

    Kiss someone you love!
  • Nate Van Loon

    Take the Metro from DC to the airport and save $10-15. When you get off the Metro, if you need to go to Terminal A, make sure you take the shuttle. Otherwise, it's literally like a half-mile away.
  • @LorenzoAgustin ?

    Type "TSA" in your shout-out when checking-in here to receive the Baggage Handler foursquare badge! :)
  • Tammy Gordon

    The US Airways shuttle desk = nicest airline employees. It's like they are pumping Paxil in the air.
  • Geo

    Tap your foot underneath the bathroom stall for a great time
  • Lindsay Allen

    Land safely and take off safely!
  • Brian Kelly

    remember that Terminal A (Northwest) is a 10 minute walk from Metro. Sit near in front car if traveling from DC.
  • Kris Schultz

    Support the Air Traffic Controllers by refusing to call this place Reagan anything. National Airport will suffice.
  • Russ Broomell

    in terminal b outside of security, get your caffeine fix at starbucks upstairs or dunkin donuts downstairs
  • Jake Mercurio

    Are you bored enough to check in on the Tarmac? Remember to pop your Xanax or Ambien!
  • Andrew Wiseman

    Fly in a plane
  • Laura Howe

    Early mornings here are nuts. Try to fly after 10 am. Security here always pretty quick, even when crowded.
  • John Houseal

    Don't stand up during your taxi and sing Bollywood themes as they may be confused for mischief
  • Paul Frederiksen

    Wave to the people watching you land at Gravelly Point!
  • Morgan Haines

    Hit up Five Guys for a delicious bacon, egg, and cheese.. Or try the breakfast burrito from Cal Tor - best options in US Airways terminal for morning munchies.
  • James Barry

    The quicker security line is the inside lane.
  • Maddie Grant

    Whatever you do, don't call it "Reagan". Call it "National" or the locals (like me) will hate you.
  • Matthew Kessler

  • Erik Telford

    Fly US Air. They have the best terminal at the airport.
  • Brad Howard

    TSA is always quick here
  • Rob Richards

    For long travels, find a power up station to plug your phone in. There are some right near the gates but they go fast.
  • Kevin Stammetti

    You can fly in and out of here!
  • Stephen Anfield

    If you're trying to get to Dulles, you're not there yet.
  • Maureen Pratt

    Call it Reagan if you love America.
  • Jason Rodriguez

    My favorite airport. Easy to get to and fast security lines
  • Craig Fifer

    There's a shuttle bus every 5 min between Gate 23 (Terminal B) and Gate 38 (Terminal C), so that you don't have to leave the secure area.
  • Ed Redding

    As of March 2012, DC's two airports (DCA and IAD) are the only two places where you can try the breakfast menu at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. It's worth traveling to another terminal for.
  • Elizabeth Baranik

    Worst Internet service here. This is a business traveler airport - they should have excellent WIFI service!
  • Kris Ankarlo

    DCA=Awesome...except for the A, as in A Terminal which is miserable. Make sure and eat before passing through security or forever be doomed to heat lamp pizza and recycled lunch meat.
  • Trent Slichter

    Phone was on for the entire flight accidentally and we didn't die. How much truth is there to that myth anyways?
  • Chas Lum

    Don't you wish all airports were this easy?
  • Morgan Haines

    Gate 35a/b is the worst - make sure you pay attention to the announcements or you'll get lost in the cattle call...
  • Josh Bland

    Its so convenient because the metro, that the extra security measures are nominal
  • Jason Peck

    In terminal c there is a cool power up area w tables by gate 42 and primo cappuccino
  • louis buchanan

    Its a must!!! 5guys burgers and fries!!
  • Blake Bowyer

    Avoid Terminal A if at all possible. Potbelly is surprisingly fast (not to mention delicious) even with a line. Many power outlets don't work.
  • Roman Khakimov

    Wi Fi ????? ? ?????????!
  • Miguel A

    Skip the cab, take an Uber, 1st class sedan car service. Download the app on your smartphone, or go 2, and use invite code "yiy5a" to save $10 off your 1st ride.
  • Oscar Daniels

    Be nice to your Flight Attendants!
  • Paige Fenn

    Love the security here!
  • Jay Y.

    Terminal A: Avoid Jerry's Subs for breakfast. The ham, egg and cheese bagel is really not a ham, egg and cheese bagel. Stick to Euro Cafe or other terminals.
  • Marisa Marie

    Friendly people are here. Feel free to say "hi" or give a random high five.
  • Ruqaiyah Najjar

    American airlines offers mobile boarding passes! I checked in and got through security by flashing an image on my cell phone. Genius!
  • Stephanie

    I have literally no idea why I continue attempting to fly air tran. Never had a flight that was not delayed.
  • Amy Smythe Harris, REALTOR

    Great food places to eat before going through security!
  • David Maloney

    I am astonished that it is not mandatory for all taxis to allow passengers to pay by credit card. It is 30 degrees out today and two cabs were allowed to refuse to take me. Change this rule!
  • Vivek Surti

    Always get here early. Security lines can be long
  • Brent S Gambill

    National is the local name. Reagan is the tourist name. DCA is the genuine regular traveler name of the airport.
  • Greg Melia

    Great airport to bring the kids to meet arriving parent. (but not tonight - sorry Amy!)
  • William Toll

    terrible place. loudspeaker announcements are deafening. European airports are soo much better
  • Jeff Willinger

    Fabulous sushi spot with reasonable prices and uber fast service. Beats fast food by gates.
  • Eric Breese

    Caution, the moving walkways are ending.
  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)

    Follow us on Twitter @DCAFoodandShops!
  • jeremy phillips

    Skip the cab line with the @TaxiMagic app. Schedule a pickup at Terminals B or C and wait for your cab at the outer road at passenger pickup. You can watch your driver arriving.
  • corbett3000

    Be careful of Sunday afternoon departures. They sometimes only us one set of security gates -- takes 45 minutes to get through!
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    Photography challenge! Check out this Documerica photo of a jet taking off from the airport in 1972. Take a photo of the airport today and submit it to our State of the Environment Photo Project.
  • Rob Serpa

    The Samsung charging stations in the boarding areas are great! They take A/C or USB connections.
  • Elf Lemaitre

    Always bring earplugs, even if you aren't planning on sleeping. They prevent flying stressed caused by screaming children, seat mates that talk too much, and ear pressure buildup, if you have a cold!
  • Norman

    People LOVE when you take up more than 1 parking spot. Try it!
  • Peter Meister

    Check into Nancy Reagan Airport instead. Thays way more fun!
  • Mark A.

    it amuses me how liberals can't stand to call Reagan National by it's name. never met a conservative who refused to call JFK airport by it's name.
  • Christian Senger

    Amazing views of Pentagon, Washington Monument; and the Capital as you fly in/out
  • Kristen Janiszewski

    Why is everyone hating on terminal A? I've never had to wait more than 15 minutes at security, and as of 11/23 (today) they're not doing full body scans or patdowns.
  • Hanna Peterson

    Fly in at night on the left side of the plane. Breathtaking views.
  • Josei ==> @ShoesNFood

    The staff at Delta Baggage are the best!
  • Ryan McCallion

    Five guys has a awesome breakfast sandwich.
  • Lisa Greenfield

    Sitting on the runway blows chunks
  • Taylor Michie

    DCA is basically inside Washington DC, so allow plenty of time to get to/fro. DCA is much more convenient than Dulles, which is in Virginia about 45+ minutes from city center.
  • Anne Rancourt

    Five guys breakfast = best in terminal.
  • Carla Young

    Hourly parking for terminal a is a long walk to check in. Plan for plenty of time to get here.
  • Katarina C

    To get to the red line from DCA metro stop, take yellow line towards georgia/mt vernon and get off at gallery place then switch to red. happy metro riding!
  • Tom Dell'Omo

    Head to level two after bag pickup for Metro Access.
  • Michelle Broderick

    There is a historic plantation on the airport grounds over by the metro stop.
  • Baker BK

    To have the fullest experience here, be sure that you're on a flight where every seat is booked and there are multiple crying babies.
  • SuZSie ShitZombiesSay

    Wanna survive if the apocalypse starts HERE? Trip the person next to you and RUN! #BiteClub
  • Jessica Bayer

    The bar in the terminal with gates 35 and above is always packed. Grab a drink before you go to your terminal.
  • Joe Finley

    The hottest spot in town to wait out your flight delays. Wether it's terrible airline service, weather, or air traffic controller furloughs! And sure...your flight will definitely depart in 20 minutes
  • Daniel Tewfik

    Welcome to DC (or should I say bon voyage?). An infographic on why you have to turn off your electronics during takeoff and landing (Read it before you stow your device away!).
  • EbonyLaDawn Irvin

    TSA is Beasr
  • Rob Mehta

    Have a drink and toast the gipper.
  • John Pepper

    It won't be long before the boloco buffalo steak is less than 10 minutes from the terminal
  • Jeff Zelaya

    Check off this tip if you got groped by TSA
  • Rafael Lemaitre

    Make sure you trample over people as they get their bags out from the overhead bin. How dare they!
  • Cameron Hernandez

    Apparently ordering a black coffee WITH cream and sugar is frowned upon by the fine staff at the Dunkin Donuts.
  • Mark Wherry

    The right side on a Southern approach isn't bad either. You can see Andrews AFB, Boling AFB and Ft. McNair.
  • Rafael Lemaitre

    Don't bother bringing your personal Skymall to the airport. They provide courtesy copies for you on the planes! (Except Spirit, they charge a per page viewing fee).
  • Sandy Kuusisto

    Avoid Cinnabon
  • William Ross

    Best airport in the country!
  • Sara Elisabeth Willis

    BYO Sugar-free Red Bull.
  • Chuq Yang

    Wash your hands!
  • Kate B.

    Metro is easy & way cheaper than a cab!
  • Manny Sidhu

    Go to five guys!
  • Betsy Murton-Mendoza

    Much easier airport to maneuver than Dulles
  • Chris Coleman

    In DC, it's called "National" or DCA, never "Reagan."
  • Matt Briney

    If you are leaving on the 6am United flight. Check in opens at 4:45 so no need to get here early.
  • Brandon Dunn

    Try the Einstein Bros Winter Blend Coffee (Terminal B).
  • Michelle Tiemann

    Get your tsa badge while u are here!
  • Dianne Rosario

    Bring entertainment for your kids. Just because you find them adorable doesn't mean the rest of us do.
  • Noe T

    Avoid Terminal A if you can. If not, budget in extra time for security and getting to/from metro.
  • Johnny Abedrabbo

    The best airport in all of the US&A!
  • Johnny Abedrabbo

    The best airport across the eastern seaboard!
  • Sarah Miller

    This location seems to be the "main" 4sq location for DCA, but it won't get you the Jetsetter badge. Check into your terminal to get credit for DCA.
  • Rachel Bee

    Stay away from the Ladies Room near baggage claim. It's cramped, the doors don't shut properly, half the toilets are on the fritz, and paper towel dispensers are always empty.
  • Henry C

    Pot bellys has amazing subs!
  • Michele Lee

    Avoid terminal A, it's a disaster
  • David Wilder

    Terninal C - no power outlets along any wall. Only in food court area :(
  • Sara K

    Don't check your bags if you can help it bc it takes forever here.
  • tim sheetz

    American Airlines CSR SUCKS.. DON'T CHOOSE AA.
  • Amber Vick

    Long security lines tonight!!!!
  • Yeehhaa

    Cool airport. Free google wifi...
  • FM Munoz

    there are charging stations by gates numbered in the 40s
  • Scott Thelen

    needs and update here! cool airport though
  • Jake Smith

    Eat before going through security if you're flying out of Terminal A. There are very few options.
  • Brenda

    Arrive early, check in lines are longggg
  • Jen Greer

    Meeting Sue Hooks in the land of mountains....
  • Tim Glinatsis

    Call it Reagan, as opposed to DCA or "National" in order to make sure people don't mistake you for someone who lives here.
  • Kristal Kraft - Denver Real Estate

    Carry an extension code when traveling. It will come in handy and you will make lots of friends!
  • Mollie Q. Coleman

    Check out th new BlackBerry display in Terminal B and demo the new phone! You get a cool gift just for stopping by! Only there temporarily...
  • Jill Cleary Mackey

    Just had a very positive experience with USAir despite delays and diversions.
  • Matt Fierce

    Always call it Regan so people know that you are a proud American AND so they don't think you are as old as dirt. Never call it National ....National is a rental car company.
  • Gary Rogers

    If you're riding metro from DC and flying US Airways sit in the rear of the train to be closest to the exit near US terminal. All other airlines towards the front
  • Pierce Voorthuis

    Airport security is a run like the DC government. 6 people standing around, watching one person work. Headphones also seemed to be a security threat and had to be run through an X-ray machine.
  • BlueNile TravelGroup

    Fly out late night or mid-day to avoid crowds. US Airways has a bus/airport shuttle between terminals C and B.
  • William Fayen

    The national airport grille is not bad!!
  • mike schneider

    F these airport unions. If you are piece of shit, you should be unemployed. Made a guy on crutches hop down the stairs because he didn't feel like calling a golf cart.
  • David Pack

    Reagan was awesome
  • Ben Milne

    Dwolla Dwolla wifi
  • Maria Helena C

    Welcome to DC. Your life will never be the same.
  • Chuq Yang

    Take the metro! It's better and cheaper than parking!
  • Meg Bartow

    Locals only respond to National, not Reagan Airport.
  • DBK Jones

    Free wifi and some of the beat TSA in the nation. Flying from here is awesome
  • Tim Jackson

    Welcome to the nation's Capitol, the nation's only true work-free drug-zone.
  • Kathy Croy Martin

    Love DCA. Easy in, easy out
  • Esther Song

    Now with free wifi!
  • Evan[Bu]

    When landing to the south, you're treated to a truly beautiful sight off the left-side of the aircraft.
  • Matt Dicker

    If you call it Reagan, you'll get dirty looks from some; if you call it National, you'll get dirty looks from others. Be easy on yourself and call it DCA.
  • Adam Dawkins

    The airport is called Reagan National. Get over it.
  • Matthew Ferrara

    Fly in May when the trees are in beautiful bloom
  • Nicki Rubin

    If u have medical equipment/first aid bag it doesn't count toward your 2 carryon items & u don't have to check it... Sunscreen doesn't count as first aid though...
  • Soad

    Very convenient airport in the heart of downtown. So nice to have your airplane at your fingertip :)
  • shaun quigley

    Sit on left to see monuments on flight into dca
  • Tabitha Hale

    Ladies: Don't wear a skirt. TSA will go right up it.
  • Irish Tigger

    The easiest airport in the US to get in and out of named after the greatest President.
  • Rjane Pierre

    The Power-Up station is a lifesaver
  • Phil Hardy

    This frigging place is EMPTy!
  • David P

    Certain cabs only service certain areas. DC, VA, MD. Don't be surprised if there are available cabs in line that won't take you.
  • Jason Rodriguez

    My favorite airport and best airport in the us. Flight are always on time
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