Globe Life Park in Arlington

Address: 1000 Ballpark Way
Phone: (972) 726-4377
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Category: Baseball Stadium
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  • ESPN

    True story: distance-wise, Arlingtons upper deck is the farthest away from the diamond in MLB history. Talk about nosebleeds

    The natural grass batter's eye in center field was named for former Arlington Mayor Richard Greene in November 1997.
  • Sports Authority

    The Ballpark at Arlington is a unique complex. Other than the ballpark, the area includes a children's learning center, a four-story office building and much more!
  • Colin Burns

    Root for the home team, not the Yankees or Red Sox.
  • Adrianna Shannon

    Sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" During the 7th Inning Stretch
  • Jason Minatrea

    Stop doing the wave - it doesn't make you cool and adds nothing to the game - sit down work on your slow clap have another beer just stop The wave
  • 30 Minutes Or Less

    The chicks dig the Texas Rangers, not your Chuck Norris impersonation. #DontBlowIt
  • Texas Rangers

    Fans here are closer to the action than just about anywhere else in the Majors. The first row on the 1B and 3B sides are just 56 8 from the plate, so we hope you brought your glove.
  • The Most Interesting Man in the World

    I was one handshake away from becoming a ranger in Texas back in the 70s.
  • Chevrolet

    Ranger's Stadium hosted the first-ever Interleague game on June 12th, 1997 against the San Francisco Giants.
  • Charles Tabangcora

    Best firework show in the state. Best Baseball in the State. Definitely a great Texas tradition.
  • Tim Lam

    sit along the first base line to avoid the sun.
  • Kdfw Sports .

    Go to a world series game on Halloween night
  • Torre Josey

    You must get ice cream in a helmet!
  • Paul

    Worth finding the garlic fries on the first level. A bit pricey, but massive portion and so, so good! (must enjoy garlic)
  • Texas Rangers

    Welcome to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington! Check in using At the Ballpark to unlock special offers and explore the stadium right from your phone.
  • MLB

    R-E-C-Y-C-L-E Recycle! FUN FACT: The yellow foul poles down each line were taken from old Arlington Stadium.
  • ? Humorous

    Go Old School and bring a flask! ?
  • Candice O

    Leave your Yankee cap in the trash can; you're in Texas.
  • Texas Rangers

    Use At Bat on your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod, BlackBerry or Windows 7 device to follow all the action on the field and around the league while you are at the park.
  • Gerardo Vargas

    it's safe to go to the ballpark now, tom hicks is gone!
  • Mike H

    3 words: garlic parmesan fries
  • Rounding Second

    The Ballpark in Arlington is the site of Jose Reyes' first career hit.
  • John Dodge

    Wednesday is dollar hotdog night, it's a good deal but don't get any until 4th inning...the hotdogs before that are old and just kept warm.
  • Jason Nelson

    Don't forget to order your claw and antlers t-shirt, at the Grand Slam Gift Shop in centerfield.
  • Katy Barrilleaux

    See a Rangers game live this season before they start stinking.
  • Fox 4 News

    Buy garlic fries.. buy nachos (extra cheese)... dip garlic fries in nacho cheese #goodness
  • Bo Nash

    Best beer stand is behind section 325. Best hot dogs are behind third base.
  • Bill B.

    Hit Opening Day! The team usually burns out after the All Star Game so the earlier the better.
  • Sports Authority

    Sport Your Pink and support the fight against breast cancer when you pick up your favorite pink team merchandise and apparel at Sports Authority during the month of October. Learn more here:
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